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According to a recent UK study, here are the 20 BEST THINGS ABOUT GROWING OLDER:

  • Retiring
  • Getting more choice over how to spend your time
  • Having more time for travel
  • Having more time for family
  • Not caring what people think
  • Going on more/longer holidays
  • Being less stressed
  • Being able to live spontaneously
  • Taking grandchildren on outings
  • Looking after your grandchildren
  • Being able to take up new hobbies
  • Having more disposable income to do what you want
  • Teaching your grandchildren new skills
  • Being more knowledgeable
  • Reading with your grandchildren
  • Playing games with grandchildren e.g. Monopoly, card games
  • Telling stories to grandchildren about when you were a child
  • Buying books for grandchildren
  • Reading to your grandchildren at bedtime
  • Not feeling tied down to one place

What do you love about your life as a-woman-of-a-certain-age?



  1. September 19, 2019

    OK, but what if you like your work, hate travel and have no grandchildren (as yet)?

  2. Julie
    September 27, 2019

    For me, your subtitle says it all.. The joy of being of a certain age is this, just “being”..

  3. October 5, 2019

    Ah yes if you are lucky enough to retire, but so many people can’t. And agism is HUGE problem in the U.S. So getting older should not be feared but sadly it is for good reason. As Bernies Sanders said in the U.S more people fear old age then they do death.

    Allie of

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