My weekly meander through the thrift store….

PATTERNS ( $1.99 ea)
The adhesive price tag that stuck to the envelope really annoys me. 
FABRIC ($7.99)
What should I make?
DIANE FREIS SET – Jacket, Skirt, Top -( $25.99)
Look at this wonderful print! Vintage 1980s, big shoulder pads which can easily be removed. The top is 100% silk; the long skirt and jacket are a silk & wool blend. Freis’s dresses sold for between $350-$700 in the early 80s, so a 3-piece set is a special find. 

Jacket & Top

HANDBAGS ($2.99 / $10.99)
A brown leather Birks Kelly-style bag with suede lining showing some use (why do some women carry PENS in their purse?) But for $2.99 I can’t complain. A cleaning was what is really needed. Sadly, Birks no longer makes handbags.
A tan leather Longchamp bag exudes French girl casual-chic.
What both of these bags really needed was cleaning & some TLC. Here is what I use to clean my handbags by Moneysworth and Best.
TOTAL: $51.94 / $56.36 incl tax

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  1. September 11, 2019

    Wow, you did well on that Longchamps bag! It’s gorgeous! I have a beaded obi-style belt by Birks (possibly from the 80s?). I love that your headscarf pattern is by Halston – yes, he’s THAT Halston! What a cool find.

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