the more you know the less you need

the more you know the less you need



No one would say that sunscreen is a fashion statement.
But a parasol certainly is.

Gazette du Bon Ton, LE JUDGEMENT DE PÂRIS, 1924, Illustration: Georges Lepape

Of course, a sunshade doesn’t replace your SPF, but it makes a very chic adjunct.

Georges Lepape 1922 Ombrelles et Chapeaux, Parasols and Hats, Gazette du Bon Ton

Popular for centuries as a symbol of status and refinement, the parasol is reemerging as effective sun protection from skin-damaging rays. Modern versions have a UPF coating that imparts an SPF to the fabric.

Art Gout Beauté, 1927

We rely on stationary umbrellas on the patio to stay cool and avoid sunburn, so toting your own in the form of an elegant accessory makes marvellous sense: it’s easy and practical.

Vogue, 1928

You need not look like you’ve stepped out of a Merchant Ivory movie, because parasols come in many styles.

Vogue 1919

You could even build an umbrella wardrobe to coordinate with what you’re wearing.

July 1950


Sunbella Parasols, Cosmopolitan Collection


Kung Fu Smith


Lily-Lark Taco

I would. Living on the west (wet) coast I am very accustomed to carrying a rain umbrella, so using a sun parasol would be an easy transition. Happily, you don’t have to be burdened with a huge, heavy umbrella since many new SPF models are durable, well-made, and conveniently fold down to fit in your bag. Ideal when going in and out of doors when shopping. You’ll likely want a shoulder bag so you have one free hand. Just think, hat hair will never be an issue either.

With a parasol, you can be both walking in sunshine,

La Gazette du Bon Ton, Des Ombrelles, Georges Lepape, 1913

and walking in shade.

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