the more you know the less you need

the more you know the less you need

The Truth Is In The Hands

The Truth Is In The Hands

If the truth is not in the face, then where is it? In the hands! In the hands.
~ Anne Michaels, Fugitive Pieces

This quote has stuck with me in the twenty (gasp) years since I first read this haunting and beautiful novel. Afterwards, I began to take note of people’s hands and came to realize how unique they are, and how much they reveal.

The hands, more than the face, show their years. They are often the dead giveaway of true age that good skincare, cosmetics, or medical procedures on your face can conceal. Wrinkles and age spots are also harder to treat on the hands. So be diligent about applying sunblock to the backs of hands to prevent further sun damage, and get a good hand cream to care for the hands you have.

UK blogger and TV personality, 83-year-old Joyce Williams called the media to task recently for their negative depiction of ageing in the media, interestingly over hands  – see here – and thinks old age needs a re-brand. She’s even taken to Twitter to spread her positive message. #wrinkledhands

Rather than trying to hide their hands, many women-of-a-certain-age are boldly drawing attention to them with bright nail polish and showy rings and bracelets. Why not appreciate and celebrate your beautiful and hard-working hands!

My recent online treasure-hunt for Carl Apfel’s ring turned up a photo that made me marvel not only at his unique Wandering Jew ring but with his hand. Strong, tanned, full of character.

Vogue Paris, 2009

Here are Iris’s hands:
The truth is in the hands.


Fugitive Pieces: Amazon

Carl’s Ring


2 thoughts on “The Truth Is In The Hands”

  • COMMENT VIA FACEBOOK: Debra Howell When I first started to see aging in my hands I was horrified, especially since nothing seems to help. But then my mother became quite ill and I spent months sitting by her bed holding her hand. I loved those 86 year old hands and cane to realize I had her hands. I look at mine now and see hers, her strength and love and I feel her presence with me.

  • COMMENT VIA EMAIL: Joyce, Grandma Williams: Thanks Susan! Kind of you.
    Love your idea of interpreting hands. So right!

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