the more you know the less you need

the more you know the less you need

Metal Metamorphosis

Metal Metamorphosis

Traditionally we were told never to drink red wine with fish; never to wear white after Labour Day; always match your shoes with your handbag, and gold and silver jewellery don’t mix.

Well, times have changed. Modern culinary and fashion rules are all about disregarding the rules and doing what you like.

What about you? When you are accessorizing an outfit, do you pick a metal—gold, silver, rose gold—or do you mix it up? Stacking and layering a combination of metals is a very stylish contemporary trend.

What about me? I am more a traditionalist and tend to wear matching metals. In fact, I recently had a pair of 14 kt gold amethyst earrings switched to silver so they would match a necklace. I’m so happy with the result. I think the icy cool silver actually enhances the gemstone and the diamonds.


This process is called Rhodium Plating. I had it done by a jeweller I trust, and it was a much more economical solution than actually re-setting the earrings. This transformative dip is ideal for items that are not subject to much daily wear and tear. So earrings are ideal candidates but not rings. The plating increases the shine, lustre, and durability, protects against scratches, won’t tarnish, and since rhodium is nickel-free, it makes the jewellery hypoallergenic. The plating eventually wears off depending on how often you wear the item and may need to be re-applied.

So you can match or mix your metals; or switch them.


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