Jurassic Bath

The house we recently moved to, had been owned by a doctor and his wife. 
In later years, the doctor was in a wheelchair. However, he was able to continue living at home due to the one-level layout, the Italian slate flooring throughout, as well as some specific modifications.

One was installing a Master Care Bath. This was a practical solution for the doctor’s mobility issues as this is a seated tub whose side lowers for entering. It also happens to also be quite an interior decor Objet d’art: it has a certain space-age vibe with numerous dials and knobs in brilliant chrome lustre. And although we are not using it —it comes with an operating manual—we wanted to have a little fun with it. It has given me a new perspective on home design for independent living as you grow older.

When my boys were little, I once came across an old suitcase at a yard sale filled with dinosaurs. It’s one of those childhood collections we have held on to despite many moves and the fact they are now teenagers. So the dinosaurs are out of their suitcase and animating Max’s adjoining bathroom.

Sometimes home decor should be unusual, unique, and even surprising.

Like a Jurassic Bath.



  1. July 15, 2019

    Love it! It looks like it came off the set of Barbarella.

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