Go Lightly

Lisa Eldridge released her new lipstick collection this week: Summer Pinks.

The four shades are L-R: Skyscraper Rose; Go Lightly;  Rainbow Spill; and Love of My Life. They come in two formulations: Luxuriously Lucent and Insanely Saturated.

These lipsticks are only available to order online from the Lisa Eldridge website. The price is £26.00 and a  linen makeup pouch is included with orders of 2 or more. The cost to Canada including shipping (but not customs) is  £40 / $66 CAD.

via Lisa Eldridge

 The shade that intrigues me—and the one I would love to purchase—is Go Lightly:

A light, vibrant salmon pink semi-sheer lipstick. In the bullet this shade looks more like a bright coral but the payoff on the lips leans more towards a true salmon pink with pastel undertone. Add one swipe and dab for an easy, beautifying pop of colour or build to create a radiantly impactful look. This ultra modern, comfortable and luxurious texture feels smooth, light and pleasurable on the lips.
~ Lisa Eldridge

Is this the highly anticipated replicated shade based on the lipstick found in the Cartier lipstick holder and that Audrey Hepburn wore in Breakfast at Tiffany’s?

The name seems an obvious reference to Audrey’s character in the film: Holly Golightly. And one can’t help but notice the colour of the linen pouch is a dead-ringer for the iconic Tiffany blue. Furthermore, Hepburn’s lip colour has always been described as salmon pink.
Lisa Eldridge is an admirably detail-obsessed perfectionist—one shade didn’t make the cut because it just wasn’t good enough—so I doubt these are mere coincidences. I think she has, quietly and without fanfare, released this coveted lip colour and given us enough clues to figure it out for ourselves.





  1. Nina
    July 9, 2019

    Love these lipstick shades, perfect colors for summer.

    Nina Kobi

  2. July 10, 2019

    This brand sounds very new for me, I hope I can get those lipstics in Europe 🙂

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