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I found an issue of Weldon’s Ladies Journal from June 1934 at the thrift store. The magazine was published in England from 1875 to 1954. It’s a wonderful reflection of the elegance of the era.
Weldon’s Ladies’ Journal published dress patterns each month. Founded by British chemist, journalist and publisher Walter Weldon, it was circulated as far as Canada. Each issue included a free fashion plate featuring designs from the new English spring or winter collection. Weldon’s paved the way for the later women’s weeklies, which would burgeon into a full-fledged industry in the 20th century.
~ Rijks Museum

I thought you might be curious, so let’s flip through and take a look:

Back cover


The tone is wonderfully upbeat and encouraging to their audience of home-sewers, but also highly practical.
Reporting is charmingly chatty.
The fashion editor was intrepid: knocking at the London salon of Mme. Schiaparelli and gaining access and even a private showing of the collection. Mon Dieu!

I adore the style of this era. Even 85 years later, I can imagine wearing virtually everything featured in this magazine.

Which is more than I can say for the current Vogue.



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  1. JJP
    July 5, 2019

    Fantastic post! Love it! This reminded me to have a look at my old BurdaStyle magazines…

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