the more you know the less you need

the more you know the less you need

7 Closets

7 Closets

I was amused to read that Gloria Guinness (1913-1980), socialite and fashion icon, as well as a contributing editor to Harper’s Bazaar from 1963 to 1971, had a full wardrobe in each of her seven homes so she would never have to pack.

Gloria Guinness at her home in Paris wearing a gown of white crèpe with crystal embroidery by fashion designer Antonio Castillo in 1963. Above her head is a painting by Balthus. Photo by Henry Clarke. Vogue, 1963


At her home in Épalinges, Switzerland. Dress: Chanel. Photo: Henry Clarke. Vogue, 1961


Gloria Guinness in her suite in the Waldorf Towers, New York, wearing a black wool Givenchy jacket bordered in black faille over a sleeveless dress with a diamond ring and lapel pin as well as pearls and diamond and pearl earrings; black round-toe pumps, Balenciaga hat. Guinness owned the exact same outfits in mauve and blue linen with a beige hat.

Gloria had seven houses; I have seven closets.
I kid you not.

I don’t have too many clothes,
I just don’t have enough houses.

POST PHOTO: Gloria Guinness in Balenciaga; Photo by John Rawlings; Vogue 1946 



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