the more you know the less you need

the more you know the less you need

Cheek Glow

Cheek Glow

Have you ever used a liquid blush before?

The gorgeous Daniel Sandler Watercolour Liquid Blush has made me a convert.

I chose the shade, Rose Glow

… a pale, peachy-pink shimmer highlighting and illuminating shade. It’s a gentle neutral to suit fair and medium skin tones.
~ Daniel Sadler

The product has a watery consistency so you need to shake the bottle and just a few drops are all you need for a subtle wash of colour. It has a lovely luminous finish that can be left sheer or built up for more intensity. It’s beautiful! 

Although you can apply the Watercolour blush with your fingers, I purchased the Daniel Sandler Waterbrush. The angled brush is a perfect size and shape for ease of application and a seamless, smooth finish.

~ water-resistant and rub-proof, lasts all day, no reapplication required
~ silicone-based oil-free formulation won’t clog pores and suits every skin type
~  light-weight, simple to blend and build up colour
~ adds instant radiance giving a very natural, youthful look

How many shades are there? I think I want them all.

TO BUY: Daniel Sander Watercolour Liquid Blush, 15 ml: Daniel Sander, eBay

3 thoughts on “Cheek Glow”

  • I’ve never seen liquid blush before! I tried out a blush stick but it requires too much rubbing to blend, so this sounds like an easier alternative. xo Nipa @fashionipa

  • Oh this looks like a lovely product and a gorgeous colour!

    NARS makes a liquid blush which I do use. It is lovely to apply and the colour lasts.

    I do enjoy your posts on products.

  • These have definitely been on my list to try. Certainly if I like cream blushes, I’d fare well with liquid ones–especially considering my dry skin. I did not know that Daniel made a brush to go with this line. The next time Cult Beauty has a sale, I think I’ll pick up a dark rose and perhaps the brush to go with it.

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