the more you know the less you need

the more you know the less you need

Week-End Wine

Week-End Wine

The forecast is for sunny weather for the foreseeable future, so stock up the fridge with rosé.

In this case, I’d advise you to ignore the label and buy the wine anyway. The  Wine for Yoga Lovers Sangiovese Rosé has a ridiculous label with ridiculously good wine inside. 

I would have never picked it off the shelf had it not been for the glowing review from one of my favourite wine sites. We drank (a lot of) this last summer and see no reason not to this year as well.

2017 Vintage:
If someone poured me a glass of this very pale, lightly spiced strawberry, wild raspberry, Rainier cherry, dried herbs, light bodied rosé, I would easily finish the glass and inquire what it is while pouring a second. Gimmicky label and name aside, this is pretty serious Sangiovese rosé from Langhorne Creek. This achieves that tricky trifecta of fruit/acidity/ interest, the latter in this case is a swig of salted herbs.
~ 91 PTS, Treve Ring, Gismondi on Wine

2017 Vintage:
As we said last year, if someone showed us this label before pouring it, we would likely say no thanks. But then there is that as the adage, you can’t judge a wine by its label, or name so, we judged it by its flavour and guess what? This pale, fresh, lightly-spiced rosé packed full of raspberry/cherry/orange is super fun to drink. You had us at Langhorne Creek, but the Sangiovese and its acidity seal the deal. Maybe Yoga is a good name for a wine that may make folks bend over backwards.
~ 90 PTS, Anthony Gismondi, Gismondi on Wine

If ever there was a perfect lunch-in-the-garden wine, this is it.
Did you know June 1st  is National Fitness Day?
Celebrate by having a glass of yoga rosé.

No yoga pants required.

Perhaps a dress

Photo: John Rawlings, Vogue 1938


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