the more you know the less you need

the more you know the less you need

The Garden

The Garden

The garden is in spectacular bloom.
In all the lush freshness and tender green of Spring.

It’s a cornucopia of colour.

And a million shades of green.
Petals from the huge Rhododendron have fallen into the pond.
The wisteria is outstanding.
I wish photos came with smell because the fragrance is divine.

And sound, because the birdsong from morning ’til night is glorious.

The garden is alive with hummingbirds, an owl who is not always nocturnal, deer gracefully passing through, the occasional rabbit, butterflies, and many busy bees. On the other side of the garden is the ocean so seagulls and eagles soar overhead and the pond attracts seals and ducks who come for a swim.

A walk in the garden is calming and restorative.
There’s always something going on.

Under the shade of trees almost a century old, you get a different sense of time.
A garden is grounding.

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