The Duo

Do you tailor a systematic approach to skin care or do you a mix-and-match a cocktail of products to target your concerns?
It used to be that beauty advisors recommended using facial products from one cosmetic line, saying they worked better together. Perhaps it was Clinique’s 3-step system that got us thinking that way. In the past, ladies were loyal to a brand and often bought both skincare and makeup from the range.

Now, new brands and innovative products are launching by the minute and success has as much to do with trends and social media influence as it does with what’s in the bottle. The modern beauty consumer is fickle rather than dedicated, and gaining and keeping or losing customers is a tenuous fine line for companies and the personalities involved.

I’ve been loving the fragrance-free Toleriane Caring Wash by La Roche Posay with ceramides and niacinamide and so …
I decided to try the Ultra Fluide moisturiser from the line—I know, call me old-fashioned.

It too is fragrance-free and a gorgeous cream. It leaves my skin soft, smooth, and perfectly hydrated. The only thing I don’t love about it is the pump dispenser. I don’t know if they work better together, but they sure do play together nicely.

I guess a bit of loyalty might just be a good thing.



  1. Gabrielle
    May 11, 2019

    La Roche-Posay is a brand I first tried a few years ago in a gift bag and have loved and trusted ever since! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend so far 🙂 x

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