the more you know the less you need

the more you know the less you need

Hair Gloss

Hair Gloss

Have you ever stood at the mirror, scissors in hand, in utter exasperation with your hair?
That was the drastic scenario in my bathroom recently, but being both inept at cutting and a coward, I laid down the shears and phoned my hairdresser.

Anti-ageing skin-care gets the lion’s share of attention, but what about hair-care? Nothing spoils a great outfit and fabulous makeup faster than blah hair. 

I was experiencing dry, unmanageable cotton candy hair (you know what I mean). The issue was part and parcel with ageing and greying but exacerbated by damage from a past colouring.

Steph did not cut it all off as I had been tempted to, but gave me a genius haircut that eliminated most of the fluff and gave my hair a stylish new lease on bouncy life. A few layers rather than an all-one-length bob makes my fine hair look thicker and works with its wavy texture. It was one of those transformational appointments you leave feeling you haven’t paid enough for the miracle performed. A savvy and beautiful older French woman of my acquaintance once said she’d rather part from her husband than her hairdresser. I take her point.

Things come.
And go.
And come back again.
Like the John Frieda Luminous Glaze Clear Shine Gloss.

It used to be available at the drugstore, but then it vanished from the shelves, only to turn up on Amazon.

It’s an at-home hair glossing product to add shine and lustre to the hair. 

It fills in damaged and porous areas of the hair shaft giving strands a silky smooth feel and added shine. It doesn’t damage your hair and is safe for colour-treated hair. It’s easy to use and inexpensive to buy, and much more affordable than getting a gloss done in a salon.

The John Frieda Luminous Glaze can be used each time you wash your hair or as a weekly 20-minute leave-in treatment.
I’ve made peace with my hair again thanks to this product. It’s going to be a definite re-order.

Another hair product from decades past that I’ve revisited is the Aveda Clove Colour Conditioner (I think it used to be called Cherry Bark, but I may be misremembering). As well as glossier hair, I wanted to add more auburn oomph to my wishy-washy dull hair without committing to the merry-go-round of salon colour appointments. Aveda’s at-home option intensifies the look of brown hair with organic clove.

I picked up a sample pot from an Aveda store before deciding whether or not to purchase the full-sized tube ($38 CD). I think I will because, after the first application, I loved the rich and radiant colour it produced.

Although I avoid fragrance in skincare and makeup, I love it in hair products and this brought back fond Aveda scent memories (I used Shampure for years). The clerk advised me that it isn’t highly moisturising and suggested using it in junction with a more nourishing conditioner. Be forewarned that this product can stain your hands and shower, so use gloves and rinse well.

So I’ve got newly cut, glossed, and colour-enhanced hair.
Ah, a new lease on life.


TO BUY: John Frieda Luminous Glaze Clear Shine Gloss
Aveda Clove Colour Conditioner: Amazon, Aveda



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  • I never paid much attention to my hair until someone pointed out that hair is the fashion accessory that you wear all the time! Glad you found your new style! xo Nipa

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