the more you know the less you need

the more you know the less you need

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

It’s Spring! Time for Spring cleaning! Everyone loves a gleaming, freshly cleaned house; but the actual cleaning part —well, not so much.

However, I’ve discovered a floor-cleaning system that makes the task easier and makes the mop and pail obsolete: steam cleaning. It not only cleans, but it also sanitizes with the power of steam, eliminating 99.9% of germs and bacteria without the use of harsh chemicals.

I found this Bissell Steam Mop at the thrift store for five dollars. It came with four terry cloths that are reusable and machine washable. The unit is small, lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, so you can use it on stairs, plus the head swivels so you can really get into corners and along edges.

All you do is fill the removable water tank on the back, snap it into place, plug in the machine to heat, and when the red light appears, you press and hold the trigger and are ready to mop.

I’ve been using it with the all-natural Method Squirt + Mop floor cleaners—Almond for hardwood floors, and Lemon Ginger for tile, laminate, or other hard surfaces. They are not only super cleaners, but they also smell amazing! 

Simply squirt it on the floor and mop. The Method cleaners require no diluting or rinsing and you can buy refills for the squeezy bottles. They clean, shine, and polish the floors without scrubbing or streaking and with a steam mop, the floors dry very fast. The almond scent is unique and always elicits comments on how wonderful the house smells. Even from unlikely sources, like teenagers.

I absolutely love this cleaning appliance and if it ever stops working, I’m running out to buy a new one.

Cleaning floors can be hard on the back, the knees, the arms. A steam mop does the hard work for you. I clean my floors more often now because it isn’t such as arduous ordeal. I thought they were clean before, but now I know they are squeaky clean.

Ah, Spring!

Cherry Trees, Vancouver BC

TO BUY: Bissell Steam Mop 1940;  Method Squirt+Mop

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