I love hats and have collected many wonderful ones over the years—as well as hat boxes. I still wear hats even though not many women do anymore. They were once considered a wardrobe staple for a well-dressed woman and were very chic. They went hand in hand with gloves.

September Vogue 1956; Photo: Karen Radkai; Lilli Ann suit

A stylish chapeau is a wonderful accessory that really completes an outfit.

Model: Anne St. Marie; Sheath dress, gloves, hat and handbag all Givenchy; Vogue 1955; Photo: Henry Clarke

Hats attract attention.

Bettina Graziani photographed by Georges Dambier for ELLE, 1953.

Hats are elegant. Hats are interesting.

Lisa Fonssagrives. Vogue 1952. Photo: Irving Penn

Hats have never left high fashion,

Christy Turlington, “My Fair Lady”, British Vogue,1991, Photo: Patrick Demarchelier

just the street.

Model: Carmen; Coat: Cardin; Photo: Richard Avedon, Paris 1957

Do you wear hats?

Chanel Suit. Model: Dorothea McGowan. Photo: William Klein. Vogue France, 1960.


 Vogue April 15, 1946. Illustration: Carl Erickson

We could start—or bring back—a trend.

POST PHOTO: Woman in Feather Hat, Irving Penn



  1. April 1, 2019

    You’re spot on, hats are so elegant and can look utterly gorgeous when styled in the correct way and in conjunction with the right outfit. Nowadays, we don’t wear hats as much as we used to in the past, which is sad but at least we still have snapback caps haha! x Fabulous post! x
    Marina Rosie x

  2. April 3, 2019

    This post is just so beautiful. I love wearing hats and fortunately for me I live in Brighton (UK) where anything goes – it’s far whackier than London. Wearing a hat, even a big-brimmed one is OK.

  3. April 4, 2019

    Sadly, in my casual town, the only hats we see are winter beanies and baseball caps. I occasionally wear a felt fedora in the fall or straw hat in the summer but I do get some strange looks! Oh well, I’ll keep trying to upgrade the fashion standards around here… Lovely post, Susan! xo Nipa | fashionipa

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