Spring is the perfect time to start thinking about Summer.

As someone who lives on an island, Beachwear is always part of the fashion equation.  In fact, I can see the beach from my office window, it’s only steps away.

Inspiration from the 1930’s—when casual wear was elegant and sophisticated and didn’t involve dreadful black stretchy pants.

Hair? Lipstick? Of course.

White with red and green stripes

Since these garments are all made of lightweight wool, they are rather perfect for Spring Beachwear.
I would have fit right into the 1930’s aesthetic. As a young woman working in the fashion/modelling industry, and not in the least bit sporty, I was once invited to an afternoon beach party and I showed up in a three-piece yellow floral rose Adrienne Vittadini knit set and leather flats—short fitted skirt with elastic waist, long scoop neck top with cap sleeves, and a long loose cardigan which had pockets and may have had shoulder pads—my idea of casual wear. Everyone else, of course, showed up in shorts, T-shirts, and flipflops. Sadly, I no longer have the set but it looked like this.

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Adrienne Vittadini was one of my favourite labels in the ’80s and ’90s. Do you know the American-Hungarian designer is now 74 years old?

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She turned what began as a hobby in 1979, into a multimillion-dollar fashion business. Known for her signature vibrant colours and prints, Adrienne Vittadini produced clothing, handbags, swimsuits, shoes, eyewear, and perfumes. Her company was purchased by Retail Brand Alliance in 2001.

Time marches on.

Archive: Hulton-Deutsch, 1934

See you at the beach!


POST PHOTO: Contact Sheet, Chanel Beauty, 1987; Horst P. Horst



  1. Ms. Liz
    April 26, 2019

    I loved the clothing line created by Adrienne Vittadini. I love knitwear to this day and she created one of the best knitwear lines ever! I still remember a couple of knitwear dresses I wore to work. One was Mondrian inspired in lilac – I wish I still had it! Today I wear some Nic + Zoe as they do a lot of knitwear. It is not quite the same though ….

    Loved your post on Albert Nipon as well. We must channel the same taste as I remember longing for their dresses as well.

    I love this posts! Please continue with more of the same!

  2. May 2, 2019

    Did you ever watch Style with Elsa Klensch? I used to be glued to our TV when it was on and especially loved Adrienne Vittadini’s runway shows. I didn’t realize she was 74. Time flies! xo Nipa @fashionipa

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