Unlike the two previous holidays—New Year’s and Christmas—Valentine’s Day has a much more lighthearted approach to celebration—more delight, with less expectation, custom and tradition to define the day—in essence, more scope for whimsy, spontaneity, and personal expression. It is, after all, about love and romance, which is about as personal as any holiday gets.

I have read many Gift Guides making the rounds on various blogs for this Hallmark occasion—from single-girl luxury fantasies, to twig-tied “sustainable” beige tokens of affection. Perhaps, as a woman-of-a-certain-age you view the non-holiday from a different vantage point.

A number of my not-20-anymore acquaintances have expressed the fact that they don’t need or want any more things, and are, in fact, trying to downsize and simplify.They are now more focused on experiences and consumables.

So gifting chocolates is not regarded as “common” as one blogger ventured to disparage, but delightful because you don’t have to find space to store it after the occasion. FlowersFantastic! A bottle of champagneHow wonderful! Let me get the glasses. Airline tickets to Italy? Excuse me while I pack. 

What are you planning for Valentine’s Day?

Hope you make some memories.

That, you can’t buy.






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