So Snow

My February 1 post, So Spring

received a definitive answer this week-end.

It’s being called  Snowmageddon. A record-breaking 26.4 cm of snow fell yesterday, adding to the 16 cm from the day before, and another 5-10 cm is expected tonight.

We’ve had power outages (now 4, the first lasting for 24 hours), highway, airport, and school closures, and ferry cancellations, We’ve had wind warnings, snowfall warnings, and travel advisories.

To add to the misery, first we ran out of wood, then we ran out of heating oil, and then the snow chains broke. However, we got wood from the neighbour, managed to drive to the gas station in treacherous conditions for a canister of diesel to power the furnace until the oil is delivered, and blessedly, we don’t need to go anywhere because we’ve got food and wine for a few days, a box of candles, and Jay works from home.

We cooked on a Coleman stove —amusingly using All-Clad Copper Core pots and an All Clad kettle because we are not a camping family and don’t have any of that gear . I must tell you that owning Italian mocha pots means you can actually make coffee without electricity. I also have a handy hand-grinder to turn beans into something you can brew. Things you don’t consider until you have no power, but are so thankful for when you can wrap your icy fingers around a steaming cup.

Of course, this too shall pass.

Then we will remember the beauty of snow on cedars.


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  1. February 13, 2019

    Oh, you have had so much snow! Thank goodness you didn’t have to go anywhere!
    We have had snow here too, but not enough to cause the problems you have had.
    I hope the weather is calming down now – I’m so ready for Spring
    Julia x

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