A Certain Suit

After finding a Holt Renfrew evening bag at the thrift store on Sunday, I was not (totally) shocked to discover a Holt Renfrew suit there on Thursday. My guess is they both belonged to the same fabulously fashionable woman. Perhaps they were even worn together.

I found the black jacket crammed in the blazer section, and when I read the label, Hotl Renfrew, The Little French Suit, I immediately headed to the skirt racks in the hopes of finding the missing mate. As luck would have it, I did.

Made in Canada of wool, the jacket has a hidden front zipper and the knee-length skirt is fitted with front darts and a back zip. Eternally chic, the suit is as wearable today, as in its day.

A bit of online research revealed that this suit was from 1991 and retailed for $500—the equivalent of $1,000 in current 2019 Canadian dollars, The Holt’s Little French Suit collection included a houndstooth check as featured in the fashion section of the Toronto Star.  How elegant is this lady who lunches! An aside: this lamb-like dog is a Bedlington Terrier.

Toronto Star, 1991. Photo: Colin McConnell 

If you buy fast fashion off the racks or from an image online, you know where it came from: factory → shipping container → store/warehouse → you.

But if you shop vintage, your garment has a history. A life before you. And, in some cases, is older than you are. It has a story.

Mostly a mystery.

A quick spa at the cleaners and The Little French Suit will be ready for its encore.

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