Sense of Place

Even though I wasn’t born here, and didn’t grow up here either, I consider British Columbia my home.

Maybe because I love it so much. Sorry, Saskatchewan.

I arrived in my late 20’s, and knew I’d never leave.

But a serendipitous art find at my local thrift store took me back to a place from the past. One glance, and you know it’s Saskatoon.IMG_0086

It is the most iconic scene of the city of bridges over the South Saskatchewan River with the Bessborough Hotel in the background. Isn’t it beautiful?

When I moved to Saskatoon at 18 from a little prairie town, it looked like a big city. I used to walk over that bridge pretty much every day for four years to the University of Saskatchewan.

This beautiful watercolour is by renowned artist, Paul Jacoby, and it hangs in the bedroom above a night table on my side of the bed. I give it a glance every night. It reminds me not only of a place and a time,


but of a girl.

Paul Jacoby, Collector’s Choice Art Gallery

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