New Outlook

The tree is gone; the ornaments are back in their boxes; there are no more ham and turkey leftovers. Sure signs that the holiday is over.

So, are you back into the swing of things? Or are you waiting until Monday to call it official and to recognise the reality of January?

Whether you are easing into 2019, or kicking it off with newfound enthusiasm, a new year is always a good time to take stock and reflect.

I am eschewing the easily forgotten do-and-don’t resolutions. Jay, on the other hand, got up January 1 and went for a long, brisk walk—alone, because he announced he would be going at such a fast pace that our older dog would not be able to keep up (!). We all said nothing, but were suddenly reminded that this was also his goal (that lapsed) last year. January 2 his legs were too sore to go for another walk (!!) Stoffle, however, continues to walk (sedately) twice a day.


We received news that we weren’t expecting—we will be moving this year. Our rental house has sold and the new owner wants to move in in June, rather than in a year or two as he initially planned. This changes life rather significantly. So if you’ve go a house you’re not using, let me know. French chateaus and Italian villas welcome, as well as anything interesting,

 via Jackie Greaney
via Jackie Greaney

or unusual.

via Country Living
via Country Living

Are you making resolutions? Or are you, like me, taking it day by day?


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