the more you know the less you need

the more you know the less you need

New Attitude

New Attitude

In the same spirit of simplification as my newly revised skincare routine, I’ve turned my attention to hair care.

I admit to being a bit of a hair snob in the past: I wouldn’t think of buying drugstores brands yet didn’t pledge allegiance to any high-end one either—although I did do a rather deep dive into Oribe a while ago.

I have finicky fine hair that is hard to please and changeful. As a result, I have a vast array of products for every contingency accumulating under my bathroom sink. Luckily, but also somewhat annoyingly, I have two teenage sons with thick, shiny, enviable long hair who can apparently use anything in the shower and their locks look magnificent. So the expensive hair product stash is being used, just not always by me.

Despite my best unrelenting efforts and wishful thinking, my fine hair is just not a Rapunzel-like crowning glory. Far from it.

Artist: Madalyn McLeod; via Pintrest
Artist: Madalyn McLeod; Via Pintrest

Adding to the angst are grey strands that have an unruly mind of their own and constantly pose the to-colour-or-not to colour question. So in the interests of sanity, I’ve come to accept my meagre hereditary allotment of hair and try to make the best of it. I’ve metered my expectations down to a realistic goal of healthy, shiny hair. Easier said than done.

Since I had such success with Dr. Dray‘s skincare recommendations, I paid close attention to the shampoo she mentioned in a favourites YouTube video. Happily it was easy to find at my local Shoppers Drug Mart because it is made by a Canadian company, Attitude.

This Montreal-based good for you/good for the planet, green/clean-centric business produces an astonishingly large line (250) of all-natural personal care and household products including Bath & Body, Sun Care, Baby & Kids, Household, and Pet Care. Attitude can be found in-store in 44 countries plus on-line. Created from mineral and plant-based worry-free ingredients, everything they offer is cruelty-free, vegan, hypoallergenic, and ECOLOGO® and PETA Certifified. Their high quality yet affordable products are manufactured entirely in-house—from lab to production to finished product.

Although I trust Dr. Dray, I was slightly sceptical when purchased the Attitude shampoo from the drugstore (on sale for $10). But, she was right—it’s fantastic! I went straight back the next day for the conditioner.


Super Leaves shampoo lathers like a dream despite being sulfate-free, smells divine, and makes my hair beautifully silky and shiny. It cleans without stripping and doesn’t irritate my scalp as some of my luxe ones do. The conditioner didn’t weigh my hair down and imparts the perfect amount of moisture without leaving my hair either lank or unmanageable. I’m impressed!

What makes Attitude Super Leaves Volume & Shine shampoo and conditioner so good?

  • specifically designed for fine, flat hair
  • soy is rich in protein and adds thickness (hair is mostly composed of protein), reduces frizz, and has a restorative effect
  • anti-oxidants increases volume and shine
  • cranberry has astringent, purifying, and antioxidant properties
  • moringa seed extract is known for its antipollution properties and detoxifies the hair and scalp
  • free of nasty ingredients
  • aromas of orange and cardamom make for a lovely sensorial experience


Another great beauty find from product sleuth, Dr. Dray.

I have a very pared down, single product hair care routine that consists of just this shampoo by attitude. It is #crueltyfree and #vegan. It is free of the strong detergents that are aimed at removing styling product build up and excessive oiliness. The addition of hydrolyzed soy protein acts to modestly condition and enforce the strands, so as to reduce hair breakage that can occur with longer hair styles. It offers good scalp and hair shaft cleansing without being drying or irritating. I buy it on iherb. Love this brand and I am also a fan of their fragrance free baby/kid products!

~ Dr. Dray

Dr. Dray via Instagram
Dr. Dray via Instagram

Since Sam and Max certainly have no need for added volume, I think I’ll just keep Attitude for myself.


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