the more you know the less you need

the more you know the less you need

A Spot of Decorating

A Spot of Decorating

A few months ago, when we thought we’d be in our house for another couple of years, (not ),I did a spot of decorating, as Paddington would say.


I came across a folder with the iconic CC’s from my days as magazine publisher/editor/crazy young entrepreneur. Inside was a PR package from the days before the Internet when such things were sent by mail, and photos were hold-in-your-hand, not digital. It was a press release from the Chanel Fall/Winter  1993 collection. And so, after all these years, I decided to frame them and hang them in my atelier (aka my sewing room).


The photos were taken by Karl Lagerfeld. The text on the back is in French, and no credit is given to the model. It is the beautiful Kristen McMenamy.


Although there were many wonderful shots to chose from, I picked four of my favourites.


Inside the glossy black and gold-banded folder


were also some iconic shots of Coco Chanel,


the lovely Carole Bouquet for Chanel No. 5,


candid shots from the Chanel runway,
IMG_0221 IMG_0222

and a hand-written note from the then-Director of Public Relations for Chanel.


It’s a very personal bit of my fashion history.

And isn’t that what style—in dressing or in decorating—is really all about?


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