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Christmas came early.

Readers will know my adoration for the MaxMara Whitney handbag.

I have amassed a rather sizeable collection in various colours and sizes, and although I have many other fabulous bags in my handbag wardrobe, the Whitney has steadfastly remained one of my favourite designs (by Renzo Piano)  and is typically my daily carry.

Yet there was one Whitney that continually eluded me—I simply could not find the Light Blue from the Fall/Winter 2016 collection.

MaxMara; Photo: Steven Meisel; Model: Odette Pavlova
MaxMara; Photo: Steven Meisel; Model: Odette Pavlova; Makeup: Pat McGrath

Incidentally, this shade is no longer available from MaxMara.


I viewed the blue Whitney in the window of the Vancouver MaxMara flagship store on South Granville a couple of years ago, and it was glorious.


I wanted it.

But the blue one just never showed up on the pre-loved market. I constantly checked my usual haunts (The RealReal, Vestiaaire Collective, Love That Bag, Rice and Beans Vintage, eBay), and put out alerts far and wide, but to no avail  Was it so loved that owners just wouldn’t/couldn’t part with theirs?

So I made it my mission to find it.

And finally, I did.

Lo and behold, it showed up from Mine & Yours, a luxury resale shop in Vancouver, BC. that I had subscribed to online. It was listed on both their store and eBay sites. However, the price was higher than I wanted to pay. So since May, I’ve watched,

I’ve waited,

and fervently hoped that no one else would buy it.

As a seasoned online shopping maven, l am well-versed with international shipping fees and exorbitant Canadian customs and duties added to the purchase price, so this local listing was extremely advantageous—it would incur no customs charges plus the seller offered free shipping.

When the Black Friday/pre-Christmas shopping frenzy rolled around, I was able to snag it at a significant discount. If ever there was a bag meant to be mine, it was this one.

So now there are nine (! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ) Whitneys.

Just as a parent doesn’t profess a favourite child, all I will say is that the blue Whitney is a standout.

And much-loved.






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