the more you know the less you need

the more you know the less you need



Kelly Holland, 56, is the CEO and majority shareholder of Penthouse Global Media, the adult entertainment brand founded in 1965 by Bob Guccione. She acquired the Chatsworth-based company in 2016, after a lengthy history of financial difficulty for the brand which includes its iconic magazine. Holland is a smart, interesting, and abitious woman-of-a-certain-age (see LA Times interview). 

Al Seib / Los Angeles Times
Al Seib / Los Angeles Times

In her vision for the future of her company is a commitment:

Holland said she won’t feature any content she considers to be misogynistic and remains committed to the brand’s trademark mix of erotica and thought-provoking magazine articles. ‘It’s about beautiful nude women, but we deal with real subjects,’ she said.

~ David Ng, LA Times, April 23, 2017

True to her word, on June 27, Penthouse published an article that is not merely thought-provoking, it’s provocatively explosive, Hot Lines: Can We Talk About Toxic Femininity?  Written by Leah McSweeney, founder of the edgy/street/female/feminist fashion line, Married To The Mob, the author says what many of us are thinking, but not saying.

Photo: PeterPabon/@The Wasted Talen
Photo: PeterPabon/@The Wasted Talen

In this new climate of public reckoning, #MeToo, and the Trump regime, we are all walking on eggshells, terrified to criticize anyone at the risk of being branded a sexist, a racist, or a homophobe. The kind of outrage that disagreement causes in 2018 makes it nearly impossible to seek truth through an exchange of ideas. I am saddened that this discourages people from speaking up. But I refuse to live in fear. I refuse to live my life worrying about who I will offend by speaking my mind. And I encourage you to do the same.

~  Leah McSweeney

 And so we need to say so.

I do not consider the #MeToo movement to speak for me. Of course, like everyone, I do not condone sexual abuse, but nor do I condone Trial-by-Twitter, and the mob-like mentality that has turned this issue hostile and intolerant. As I journalist, I find it exasperating and dangerous that the social agenda of this “army” is constantly glorified and any dissension is immediately vilified. We may be aware of the hypocrisy, but the media has been politically “corrected” and thus long since lost their objectivity and their integrity. The “comments are closed” on these issues and so rational discussion and moderate voices have been silenced.

There have been brave voices:

Je Suis Catherine Deneuve 

Has their ever been a bigger sex-symbol than Catherine Deneuve? Hardly. Apparently she knew how to distinguish between an “advance” and an “assault”. More importantly, she also knew how to say, Non. She spoke out against the witch-hunt and the new wave of puritanism stemming from these sexual scandals. She was excoriated in the media. Deneuve knew how to have a great time, be a brilliant woman, a beautiful woman and an icon…the press are pretty sure all four should be illegal because that would be “inappropriate” and sending the “wrong” message.

Image via Twitter. 2017
Image via Twitter. 2017

Hardline feminists like Germaine Greer and Margaret Atwood are dismissed as “old, “privileged” and “white”. Few remember or even know what they fought for—equal pay, child care, and reproductive rights—if it doesn’t have a hashtag, it surely doesn’t count.


Germaine Greer criticises ‘whingeing’ #MeToo movement / 

Margaret Atwood


 In times of extremes, extremists win. Their ideology becomes a religion, anyone who doesn’t puppet their views is seen as an apostate, a heretic or a traitor, and moderates in the middle are annihilated…..Why have accountability and transparency been framed as antithetical to women’s rights?A war among women, as opposed to a war on women, is always pleasing to those who do not wish women well. This is a very important moment. I hope it will not be squandered.

~ Margaret Atwood, Am I A Bad Feminist?

So read it Toxic Femininity for yourself.

HOT LINES: Can We Talk About Toxic Femininity?

And have your say so in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Reckoning”

  • Thank you. As a woman-of-a-certain-age (somewhere in between the #MeToo-ists and the Atwoods and Greers), I can certainly appreciate the efforts to expose bad (male) behavior — I’m fine with the “trial by twitter” for those that we all knew about (Matt Lauer, I’m looking at you). But that same process is far too sweeping for everyone’s good — both men and women.

    PS I really enjoy your blog.

    • Thanks for your comment (and compliment). There can be NO “trial by twitter” because “we” cannot presume to know, nor are “we” judge and jury. In an ethical society there is a presumption of innocence until proven guilty. The mob-like mentality of the #metoo movement has indeed been far too sweeping, ruthlessly ruining men’s lives, careers, and reputations in the name of their cause.

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