the more you know the less you need

the more you know the less you need

An Apron

An Apron

I’ve been sewing.


It’s been taking all my concentration and creative energy. Thus blogging has (temporarly) fallen by the wayside, as has cooking. My children are orphans because Mum is in her sewing room. Again. Still.


But here I am— I’ve (finally) finished my projects! I made an apron (don’t look too close, it’s far from perfect),


and a white cotton nightgown.


I love this nightie so much, I plan on making many, many more. It’s from a vintage VOGUE Pattern by Donna Karan # 1368. It’s actually a dress cut on the bias and is so comfortable you could conceivablly wear it day and night. My next version is going to be stitched in my favourite fabric, linen.


If there is an antithesis of fast fashion, it is sewing. I have a new-found appreciation for every garment hanging in my closet, knowing the labour involved in each and every seam.

It’s a learning process with every new undertaking, but if I’m gaining one thing, it’s patience. Like the woodworking adage, Measure twice, cut once, I’ve discovered that being in a hurry leads to mistakes that take much longer to undo than to do.

A hand-sewn, one-of-a-kind garment is, I think, the ultimate luxury.

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