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Maye Musk just celebrated her 70th birthday on April 19. But Maye is #JustGettingStarted.

IMG Models
IMG Models

Famously the mother of Tesla and SpaceX founder, Elon Musk, Maye is basking in her own limelight. She covers the May issue of Harper’s Bazaar and her modelling career has taken flight.


I’m optimistic, but even with all my optimism I never would have said to myself, ‘When I get to 70, I’m really going to take off.’

I would have sounded like a crazy lady.

The Canadian/South African model and dietitian, mother of 3, grandmother of 10, is now an Influencer and social media star with more than 158,000 Instagram followers, although she is just learning what hashtag acronyms mean.

After 50 years of modelling, I’m an overnight success.


Musk made history when CoverGirl hired her as an ambassador for their Autumn 2018 campaign, marking the first time the brand has had a face over the age of 65.

Maye Musk for CoverGirl | Source: BOF
Maye Musk for CoverGirl | Source: BOF

Musk is part of new movement recognising the beauty and power of women-of-a-certain-age:

Elena Kuznetsova
Elena Kuznetsova

Trend-watchers trace the start of theGreynnaisance‘ to 2015, when the then-80-year-old author Joan Didion became the face of Céline and Saint Laurent tapped Joni Mitchell for its own campaign. More recently, Isabella Rossellini, Jan de Villeneuve and Daphne Selfe have posed for Sies MarjanSimone Rocha and Tank Magazine, respectively.


Baby boomers have been largely absent from advertising, especially in high-fashion, despite driving 42 percent of spending in the US, versus 13 percent for millennial and Gen-Z consumers, according to a 2017 report from Moody’s. Typically, companies gear their campaigns towards a younger demographic, assuming the ads will also appeal to their parents. Now, some companies are reversing that formula.

When you show an older woman in a campaign, not only does she have the power to inspire a younger person, but also the power to inspire her generation,” says Ari Seth Cohen, 36-year-old founder of Advanced Style, a blog and Instagram account devoted to capturing the ‘sartorial savvy of the senior set’.

Meet Fashion’s Next Generation: Over 60s, Business Of Fashion


Maye Musk may be the model of the moment, but she’s more than a beautiful face; she’s a voice:

 I wish for more hugs in the world, and for women my age not to let life take over. You can do anything at any age.

~ Bazaar



+ She started modelling at 15.

+ She credits her good skin to a healthy diet and staying out of the sun.

+ She loves Celine handbags, sunglasses, and beautiful heels—especially Louboutins.

+ Her style advice: Keep your wardrobe small and love everything in it.* 

+ She walks her dog four times a day and believes in keeping the body supple and energised by moving.

+ She believes in good nutrition not supplements,juices, powders, or special waters. Her signature dish? Bean soup:  I take 12-bean soup mixes, soak the beans overnight, boil them up, add tomatoes and flavouring and freeze it. I’ll have a cup a day. It’s very nutritious. A report came out that people who lived the longest had a cup of beans a day.*

+ She believes in moderation.

+ She washes her hair every 5 days.

+ She says she is not a splurger, and is rather conservative. She credits her stylist, Julia Perry, to pushing her to more daring fashion choices.

 Bodysuit and bra by Max Mara; skirt by Vera Wang; earrings by Jennifer Fisher; ring by Ginette NY. Photo: Mark Seliger
Bodysuit and bra by Max Mara; skirt by Vera Wang; earrings by Jennifer Fisher; ring by Ginette NY. Photo: Mark Seliger


*Quotes from Ageless Style: Maye Musk, Harpar’s Bazaar, Oct 19, 2017

POST PHOTO: Dennis Leupold; Red dress by Stella McCartney; Earrings by  Tiffany & Co. 

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