the more you know the less you need

the more you know the less you need

Beauty Bits

Beauty Bits

I am constantly on the hunt for the perfect facial cleanser. It’s the foundation of any skincare routine.


There are some that say it doesn’t matter what you use to wash your face; it is in contact too briefly to be significant. I don’t subscribe to that theory, or find it to be true. Although you don’t have to spend a fortune on a cleanser, cleaning your skin well is key because this makes it more receptive to whatever follows—usually the more expensive serums and such.

Newly on the shelves at my Canadian The Beauty Boutique/Shopper’s Drug Mart is Toleriane Caring Wash by La Roche-Posay. It was immediately swooped into my basket.


I had not previously paid much attention to this French pharmacy brand because I don’t have highly sensitive skin or problematic skin issues. I’ve used their sunscreens in the past, and recently picked up their stellar lip balm (See my review  READ MY LIPS)


The new cleanser is much like the CeraVe Hydrating cleanser, but better because it doesn’t contain parabens. It has a fluid, milky, non-foaming consistency, but the LRP seems to leave my skin feeling fresher and cleaner than the CeraVe. But not that drying, stripping kind of clean—the super soft, smooth, my-skin-is-radiant kind I’ve been looking for. If you use Retin A, a gentle, non-drying cleanser is so important and this one is an excellent choice. If you have reactive, sensitive, or irritated skin, it would be perfectly suited as well.

Caring Wash is a mild daily cleansing cream comprised of a very simple formula: it contains only 1 cleansing agent (Cocobetaine ) and is enriched with 4 skincare ingredients: Glycerin, Ceramides, Niacinamide, and Panthenol. It also contains La-Roche Posay’s iconic Thermal Water famous for its soothing and protective antioxidant properties. What is doesn’t contain is important, too: no fragrance, no soap, no preservatives.

A little goes a long way. When I first used this, I squirted out way too much product. You only need a small dollop for face, neck, chest. It can be massaged into dry or wet skin and then rinsed off. For those with normal skin, it could even be removed with a warm muslin cloth.I have not used it for removing makeup since I’ve been using Caroline Hirrons’ Double Cleanse for that. (See my review PIXI +)

On my skin, Toleriane Caring Wash works wonders. It’s become my go-to.


Note: In the US, it is called Toleriane Hydrating Cleanser. It has exactly the same ingredients as the Toleriane Caring Wash, however the Caring Wash comes in a 200 mL tube instead of a 400 ml. pump bottle.

LA ROCHE POSAY, Toleriane Caring Wash: Beauty Boutique

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