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Lips are a big beauty focus these days. The full-lip trend is not going anywhere but onward.


The category Lip Balm & Treatment on the Sephora website contains 125 products. These include lip masks, serums, oils, exfoliants and scrubs, contour regenerants, anti-ageing formulas with collagen-enhancers and line- and wrinkle- reducers, plumpers, primers, sun protection, and more. Obviously the perfect pout is high on the list of  #beautygoals.

The reason for all this attention, other than fashion, is that the skin on our lips is much thinner—5 cellular layers versus 16 for the rest of the face—and therefore requires some TLC. Furthermore, since the lip area has fewer melanin-producing cells, sun protection is essential. Lips appear red because the blood vessels beneath the surface of the lips are visible, however, they have no sweat or sebum glands which means they can become dry, chapped, and irritated in extreme environments.

Although I’ve never been addicted to lip balm and have never used a lip scrub, there are many who have problems with their lips. The Beauty Know It All addresses the issue in her usual intelligent and insightful way on her YouTube channel. In a nutshell:

+ lip products are the cause of many problems they are claiming to solve

+ lip products should be UNscented

+ what goes on your skin goes on your lips. You should only use a lip balm once or twice a day, just like moisturising your face

Thanks to Nadine, I picked up a tube of Cicaplast Barrier Repairing Balm which she calls skincare for lips.It gets a permanent place in my routine.


If I could chose one lip balm that I would say would heal every single lip problem out there, it is this. It’s an amazing little miracle worker… I have recommended it to so many people, it’s absolutely brilliant.

~ The Beauty Know It All


Pertaining to women-of-a-certain-age, she notes that as we age, the lips begin to thin and line, and by using damaging lip products this accelerates ageing:

…why would you want to set up an irritation and inflammatory process because we are all beginning to realise, actually, that inflammation is one of the main causes of ageing.

~ The Beauty Know It All


Now you know.


LA ROCHE POSAY CICAPLAST: Barrier Repairing Balm:Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutique

THE BEAUTY KNOW IT ALL: Website; YouTube; Instagram

Note: Cicaplast is paraben- and fragrance- free and is safe for babies and children.

POST PHOTO: My photo from British Vogue November 2017; Actress Claire Foy photographed by Craig McDean


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