the more you know the less you need

the more you know the less you need

In the Mix

In the Mix

When your grandmother baked a cake, she pulled out a bowl and a wooden spoon.

Image from Beaver The Baker; My photo

You can whip cream into lofty clouds with a whisk if you have time and a strong arm.

You don’t need a stand mixer, but is sure makes light work of creaming, whipping, kneading, folding, and mixing. You might even bake more often.

Image from Beaver The Baker; My photo

But just because it’s a workhorse appliance doesn’t mean it has to be utilitarian and boring. Smeg has masterfully designed one that is a show-stopper in any kitchen—a sexy, curvy, thing of beauty designed in Italy in collaboration with Italian architects Matteo Bazzicalupo and Raffaella Mangiarotti from deepdesign.


A discreet flat button at the back lifts and locks the mixing head into place, and pressing it again and slightly lifting the head activates release.

Just look at that shiny chrome gearstick-style knob that cycles through it’s ten speeds from a ‘soft start’ to help prevent flour storms and splashes, to zippy full-throttle. There is good control within the range with no vibration, straining, or movement on the counter.

The slender Smeg mixer is powerful in performance and personality.



  • 600 watts
  • 10- speeds
  • 4.8 Litre bowl capacity
  • Die-cast aluminum body
  • Planetary mixing motion (attachments rotate around the fixed, non-rotating bowl, analogous to the way planets rotate the sun, hence the name planetary.)
  • Anti-slip feet
  • Six colours: Black, Cream, Pastel Blue, Pastel Green, Red, Silver


The iconic retro design is available in a rainbow of colours to suit every kitchen and taste – I chose silver. It’s a heavy beast—8 kg.— best suited to a permanent spot on your counter—you’re not going to want to put it in and out of a cupboard, and it’s too pretty not to display, anyway.


It comes with THREE  ATTACHMENTS that fit securely with a push and twist motion.

  • PADDLE ~ crafted from aluminium


  • DOUGH HOOK ~ crafted from aluminium

  • BALLOON WHISK~ made from stainless steel


PLASTIC BOWL COVER ~ splashguard/pouring shield that slides over the bowl when you want to use it.



The front cover that twists off to reveal an outlet for optional accessories such as a pasta roller and cutter, spaghetti cutter, and a meat grinder, turning your stand mixer into a very versatile kitchen machine.

So if you love baking, like I do,


give Smeg a whirl.

The Smeg Icons 50s Style collection also includes a blender, stick blender, citrus juicer, 2-slice and 4-slice toasters, kettle, espresso machine, and even refrigerators!

True fashionistas will want to check out the Dolce & Gabbana x Smeg collaboration: Sicily Is My Love 

Image via Smeg
Image via Smeg

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SMEG Sicily My Love: Neiman Marcus

THE BAKING BOOKS:  Desserts by Pierre Hermé; Baking: From My Home to Yours ; Baking with Julia; Baking by Flavor; The Art & Soul of Baking; Baking

My photo from Desserts by Pierre Hermé

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