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When Caroline Hirrons puts her FAVOURITE stamp on anything, skincare and beauty junkies take note.

It’s still my favourite foundation. I love it!

~ Empties Video, 19:45, Feb. 18, 2018


Then they go directly to Sephora, by road or by click, and buy said product: HOURGLASS Illusion Hyaluronic Skin Tint.


Because her readers and viewers know that Ms. Hirrons is not easily impressed.

I’ve learnt to take recommendations from YouTube with a grain of salt. There is personal preference and opinion to take into consideration of course, but there is also age to factor in. Like me, Caroline is a-woman-of-a-certain-age. Unlike the twenty-something beauty gurus with perfect skin that Spackle would look good on, finding a foundation for a mature face (looks radiant yet natural, doesn’t settle into fine lines and wrinkles) is a challenge. I’ve tried more than I care to count.

Armed with Hirron’s top pick on my list, I went in to Sephora and got a skin-match from the 12 colour shade range (IVORY, thank you Jordan) and a sample (I trust you Caroline, but $68).  I hadn’t even used up the trial pot before placing an on-line order.  It really is remarkable.

Hourglass has created a luxury foundation that is a hybrid makeup/skincare product. I use hylauronic acid everyday in my skincare routine and know the wonders it can do for the skin. Including this super-hero hydrator in a foundation is brilliant. Typically foundation breaks down as you are wearing it over the course of the day, but Illusion Skin Tint remains flawless and actually improves your skin by hydrating, firming, and illuminating it.

 Fortified with the HOURGLASS Hyaluronan Complex, Illusion plumps fine lines and wrinkles, tightens sagging skin and delivers an unbelievably luminous glow. Added UVA/UVB SPF 15 helps protect skin from the sun while the whipped, creamy, supremely hydrating and firming texture gives you a luminous finish that evens out skin tone, softens imperfections and boosts moisture levels in the skin. Pearlescent pigments infuse the complexion with a gorgeous radiant finish. 


It comes in a travel-friendly tube and is completely fragrance-free (a deal-breaker for me if it’s not: See: Off Base ). As Caroline would say, Praise the maker.

So do try Illusion. You’ll likely like it.

Caroline and I do.


CAROLINE HIRRONS: Website; YouTubeInstagram; HOURGLASS: Website; Illusion Skin Tint

TO BUY: Sephora; Hourglass; Nordstrom




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