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A few new beauty items have crossed the transom…

Glossier, BOY BROW

Goodbye unruly brows. This pomade thickens, shapes, and conditions whether your brows are full or sparse. Comes in clear or coloured (brown, black, blond).

Yes, it’s really as good as everyone says it is.


We’re inspired by healthy, face-framing brows and consider brow grooming the last crucial step to heading out into the world: brush your teeth, brush your brows, and then maybe brush your hair.

~ Glossier



I’ve tried designer mascaras, natural mascaras, and drugstore mascaras.

This is my second tube from La Roche-Posay. I’m no longer shopping around every three months. This is The One.


It doesn’t get a lot of hype, it doesn’t have a provocative name, but I love it because it’s fragrance-free and doesn’t irritate my eyes, and gives the result I want.

It’s also easy to remove, and is enriched with ceramides to strengthen/condition the eyelashes and reduce fallout.

IMG_0766    Mascara specifically formulated for sensitive eyes that visibly smooths and defines lashes while applying the colour along the entire lash.

~ La Roche-Posay

My lashes are not lush, so the small tight wand shape is absolutely ideal. The brush grabs every little lash and the thinner formula deposits just the right amount of product and allows you to build up thin layers. It gives very natural definition with one coat, and can go to more dramatic lengths and volume with a few more strokes.


As I get older, I wear less makeup. My beauty goals are glowing skin (from good skincare), and subtle —me but better —makeup. I want my mascara to emphasise my eyes, not draw attention to itself. That this one has good ingredients not bad, is a big bonus.

This mascara has earned a permanent place in my makeup bag.

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