When you’re tired of all the usual suspects in the wine store—Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris— it’s time to cruise down the obscure short aisles/ isles. Like Greece.

I discovered a wonderful wine from a grape I’d never had before— Assyrtiko—and didn’t know how to pronounce—ah-SEER-tee-koh. Produced by Gaia, one of Greece’s most awarded wineries, it is a bottle worth seeking out.

It’s a bit of an esoteric grape, but it’s delicious. And poised to be the next darling of sommeliers and modern wine lovers.

A beautiful indigenous dry white wine varietal from Greece. Lively, refreshing acidity and intense fruity aromas of citrus and tropical notes.

~ Tasting Notes


The birthplace of Assyrtiko is Santorini (described by one Greek winemaker as, the Jurassic Park of vineyards*).  Monograph’s Assyrtiko, however, is sourced from Nemea, in the northeastern part of the Peloponnese.There’s no oak or wild fermentation here, just a pure expression of the grape. Assyriko has two trademark qualities that I love in a white wine: minerality and acidity. (See my post: Chablis: Sea & Soil)

You might forget the name, but you’ll remember the label: Monograph’s visually striking contemporary design stands out on the shelf. But it’s more than just a great drawing:

Monograph … a term derived from the Greek word monographia. It is used to describe a piece of writing that presents original new knowledge on a single subject coming out from one person’s study and research.

~ MILK, Athens based agency that designed Monograph


On the west coast, we eat a lot of seafood, and this wine is a classic pairing for anything oceanic. It is also delightful on its own as an aperitif or served with light appetizers.

So you’ve cased the new Spring 2018 fashion trends: pencil skirts, shorts, slip dresses, pastels, prints and florals, diaphanous fabrics.

Art: Blonde Lasagna; Artist: Blair Breitenstein
Art: Blonde Lasagna; Artist: Blair Breitenstein

And now you’ve got the scoop on the cool wine to order.

You’re so on-trend.

Monograph, Assyrtiko 2016 (Peloponnisos, Greece,  $19.99 BC Liquor here)

The Age of Assyrtiko, Susan Kostrzewa, Wine EnthusiastJul 6, 2016.

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