Feet First

Have you looked at your feet lately?

Of course not—it’s winter—they’re deep in socks and slippers, inside boots, and tucked under wool blankets.

But the rhododendron is blooming in the garden, thus heralding Spring,

IMG_0553 RSZ

which before you know it, leads to Summer—a season of strolling barefoot on sandy beaches and dipping toes into cool ocean waves. If your feet have been somewhat neglected, now’s the time for a bit of TLC to get them into sandal-worthy shape. You could, of course, immediately book a pedicure. Always an option. Or your could do a little something yourself at home.

The Patchwork House, drawing by Sam
The Patchwork House, drawing by Sam

I discovered Gehwol, a German Herbal Bath  at a spa. It ‘s a refreshing and effective foot soak containing emollients in a natural aromatic base of rosemary, lavender, thyme, and mountain pine to combat many foot complaints such as callouses, corns; rough, cracked, and hardened skin; perspiration and food odour.


It deeply cleanses and softens the skin, and also relaxes and invigorates the feet. The high Urea content maintains the elasticity of the skin and provides a lasting protective effect. Used regularly, feet become healthy and supple.


I usually put on a face mask at the same time as I bathe my feet since they both take about the same amount of time.

The product comes in a foil pouch and looks like little lime-green pebbles. It does not come with a measure for scooping out the recommended 1 tablespoon of granules to 3 litres of warm water. You then immerse the feet for 10-15 minutes whilst catching up on your magazine reading. I buff with an exfoliating cloth, gently dry, and immediately apply a rich cream. I love this one by Burt’s Bees.


Then the fun part, the polish.

I like something bright, or dark, and interesting.


So put your best feet forward.

Happy feet = happy you.

Gehwol Fusskraft, Herbal Bath400g – 14.1oz, Made in Germany



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