the more you know the less you need

the more you know the less you need

Shine On

Shine On

So, we’re two weeks in; how’s January going?

Anyone else missing the glitz and glamour of the recent holiday?

A vintage Stratton Glamorizer compact
A vintage Stratton Glamourizer compact

Me, too.

In the harsh cold light of January, you’ve needn’t ditch glimmer and shimmer, you’ve just got to be subtle about it. A metallic eye-liner smudged close to the lash line makes your eyes sparkle without being obvious. And nothing looks better than a bit of shimmer on the lips.

Everyone loved Stila’s Magnificent Metals, including me, and now they have released a new Spring 2018 collection of 6 metallic shimmer liquid lipsticks. Wallet warning: these are beautiful!



I picked up the shade, Nudo Shimmer, described as a Shimmering warm terracotta nude.



This is a great nude because it is more berry than beige. It’s enlivening and uplifting. And the shimmer means it catches the light and is intriguing, not flat.

Image via Stila
Image via Stila

Remarkably, it’s almost an exact colour match for my favourite lipstick: Bond Girl, by Charlotte Tilbury. As well as being a great dupe, the two of them look amazing together. Since the CT lipstick is matte (Matte Revolution), adding a wash of the Stila shimmer over the centre, or over the entire lip, adds a beguiling glow.

I think I’m taking a shine to January.

STILA Stay All Day Shimmer Liquid Lipstick: Stila

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