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There is something so sad about coming to the end of your tube of favourite lipstick.

Sure you’ve got others— many many others—but they’re just not quite as perfect as the one you reach for most, and that has your heart, and never lets you down.



Desperately digging out the last lipstick with your fingernail and then trying to smooth out a hard pyramid of colour onto your lips is futile, messy, and you end up wasting precious product.

The best way to get every last beautiful molecule out of that beloved tube before you lash out for another, is to get a lip brush.


As you will discover, this extends the life of your tube by a surprising degree because even though you can no longer swipe it from the bullet, there’s still a lot left even when it’s below the rim. It’s not really empty; it’s just inaccessible. A lip brush solves this problem.

Although some women, and even some professional makeup artists, apply all makeup (including lip colours) with their fingers, there are those of us who still use, and love, a good brush. Dabbing your makeup on by hand is great for a natural everyday no-makeup look. It’s easy and convenient, but there are times when you want a more flawless finish and this is where a lip brush allows you the precision that is hard to match when applying freehand.

The long, thin pencil-like wand provides optimum control in defining the lips and the firm tapered bristles provide a smudge- and budge-proof application. Your lip colour will also last longer because you can apply a thinner and more even layer when using a brush, and also allows you to build up the intensity or even mix several shades effortlessly. You can reach the little corners that your fingers just cannot.


Many brush sets, are devoid of  the small but mighty lip brush. So I looked around, did a little “research” via Google, and found a great one by KJAER WEIS.

Have you heard of Kristen Kjaer Weis (pronounced Kear Weiss) and her eponymous makeup line?


Kjaer Weis, the makeup line from Danish-born, New York City–based makeup artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis, merges high-performance, top-quality natural and organic ingredients with modern design. The resulting cream colours—natural hues for the face, eyes, lips, and cheeks—flatter everyone and are incredibly easy to apply and wear.

~ Beautylish


In a nutshell, it’s the Chanel of the natural makeup world. This is definitely on the luxury end of the spectrum.

Launched in 2010, the products are organic, cream-based (❤) and  made in Italy. The sleek architectural metal compacts are not only beautiful, they are also refillable. You buy the compact once and then refill it ever after. Even the lipstick is refillable. This saves you money in the long-run and there is no unnecessary waste. So smart. Why don’t other brands adopt this sustainable model?


Although I’ve been tempted, very very tempted, I have not tried her makeup (yet).

The KW Lip Brush is described as “retractable” and “foldable” but really it is neither. The lid is is a long bullet that fits over the brush brilliantly without touching or splaying the bristles. It is compact and can travel in your handbag or makeup bag whilst remaining clean and hygienic (and not staining the bag it’s in).  All the KW brushes have white handles except this one. Personally, I love the glossy silver. At home, it looks luxe on your vanity.

To use, you take off the lid and pop it on the end of the brush and voila, you have a long pen-like makeup tool. The only problem I’ve encountered, and I don’t know if this is endemic or just mine, but the lid doesn’t fit securely on the base and has a tendency to fall off when in use. It fits perfectly tightly when put over the brush and never falls off when stored or transported, Perhaps the base needed to be a micron thicker. This is my only complaint. So I use it without the lid attached. Still wonderful.

I’ve never had a bristle fall out of this hypoallergenic synthetic fibre brush. The bristles are dense, firm yet flexible, and gentle. It works like a dream. You can tell a makeup pro designed it.

To keep the brush in tip-top shape you need to take care of it just like your other cosmetic brushes. Here’s how:

  • Use a natural brush cleanser or a gentle natural soap/shampoo
  • Cleanse once a week
  • Make sure that water doesn’t get into the ferrule
  • Dry with a paper towel or cloth then lay flat to dry overnight


When I’m making a purchase, whether it be makeup, kitchen gear, clothing, handbags—anything really—I look for functionalityquality, and beauty. I would rather pay more for something that is aesthetically elegant, durable, and long-lasting rather than cheap and disposable.

This lip brush checks all the boxes.



KJAER WEIS: Website; Instagram; Facebook; Twitter

TO BUY: Kyaer Weis; Barney’s; The Detox Market (Canada); The Detox Market (US); Cult Beauty; Beautylish



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  1. January 14, 2018

    I totally agree, Chanel is the epitome of luxury and style. I wore RougeDior in Swan 263 for my wedding day and it was just the perfect nude pink. I’ve yet to try any tools by Chanel but this brush sounds like a contender.

    Lovely post and photos.

    Samantha x

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