the more you know the less you need

the more you know the less you need

Kate’s Secret

Kate’s Secret

When I was young(er), oil-free was the buzzword in beauty.

And power-dressing required power-makeup to be matte. So when we said we were going to the lady’s room, To powder our nose, it wasn’t a euphemism, we really were.

Linda Evangelista Vogue, September 1990 Photo Patrick Demarchelier
Linda Evangelista/ Vogue September 1990/ Photo Patrick Demarchelier


Fast forward decades, and facial oils are a hero product, and now glow is  #beautygoals.

Charlize_Theron, May 2017 / AFP PHOTO / Valery HACHE
CharlizeTheron, May 2017 / AFP PHOTO / Valery HACHE


Indeed, the Duchess of Cambridge’s long-time make-up artist, Arabella Preston, co-founder of Votary skincare, has revealed to W magazine the secret to Kate’s luminous skin: natural facial oils.

Oh, yes!



Although Kate famously did her own makeup when she married her Prince, it was Preston who advised her.
Getty Images
Getty Images
In the almost seven years since the royal wedding, I’d say Kate’s skin is better now than then. The Duchess is apparently a big fan of Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+.

Preston is an advocate of facial oils, but opts for a less-is-more approach:

I always say three, maybe four drops is plenty for your face and neck. Apply an oil first and massage it into your skin. Spend a minute massaging it gently but firmly into your skin and all the oil will absorb beautifully.


And, according to the former beauty editor, oils aren’t just a night-time treatment.

If you ask a pro makeup artist how they prep skin, they say a facial oil nine times out of 10. Because a natural plant oil absorbs into the skin, hydrating as it goes, you are left with a perfect base to apply make-up. Rich heavy creams sit on the surface of the skin and cause your make-up to slide and look uneven. Allow a minute for it to absorb then use a cream if you need the extra hydration and then apply your foundation.

~ Arabella Preston


So, as counter-intuitive as it may seem to me, I’ve been following in the royal footsteps and added some oils into my skincare routine. What’s one more step, right?

So now that the Duchess’ glowy skin secret is out,

January 2017

do you think we can find out how she gets that impossibly glossy hair?


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