the more you know the less you need

the more you know the less you need

Dior Does It

Dior Does It

Can you imagine the beauty counter in 1963? Cream came in glass jars, cold cream was the cleanser du jour, and fragrance reigned supreme in everything from face powder to foundation. It was the era of blue eye shadow, false lashes, and pale pink lips. Jean Shrimpton and Twiggy were the iconic models of the era. Makeup was glamorous and gorgeous compacts were tucked inside every lady’s handbag.

Jean Shrimpton; Vogue UK, April, 1963,; Photo: William Klein
Jean Shrimpton; Vogue UK, April, 1963,; Photo: William Klein

Although the beauty industry moved with the times and the trends since then, and modern skincare has taken a scientific rather than a feel-good approach, there is an unassuming product created by DIOR in 1963 that is still sold today. It’s not only a classic; it’s a gem.

Crème Abricot is considered, 55 years after its creation, to be a legendary cult beauty product. One of those can’t-live-without-it items that nothing has replaced or surpassed. Dior just got it right and it works. And why change a good thing?


What It Is

A balm for nails that encourages nail growth, improves nail strength, and conditions cuticles. It is a treatment that nourishes, moisturises, and fortifies nails.


The packaging hasn’t changed since its inception: it’s housed in a simple round pot. It looks both retro and elegant sitting on your bedside table. Which is the best place to keep it so you remember to use it every night.

How To Use It

Apply around the nails and massage lightly. Use preferably in the evening enabling the cream to work during the night.

~ Dior, package instructions

It comes in a 10 grams/0.35 oz  size, which may seem small, however only a tiny amount is required because it is thick and rich, so the container lasts a long, long time. Yes, it’s expensive, but because it actually works—unlike the plethora of products I’ve tried over the years that don’t and end up being a waste of money—it’s worth it.

What It’s Like

It is,of course, a bright apricot shade and smells of, yes, apricots. The texture is highly unusual and unsophisticated: gloopy and sticky but you just put up with it and get used to it because it works so brilliantly. It also has somewhat unfashionable ingredients: mineral oil and lanolin, that I wouldn’t normally be eager to use, but this is, apparently, exactly what dry cuticles and fragile nails need. If your digits are in dire need of TLC, it can be applied during the day as well and absorbs quite rapidly (especially if your nails and cuticles are extremely dry). Day or evening it doesn’t leave a greasy residue. At night, it is worth noting, the product does not stain bed linens.

What It Does

My nails, but particularly my cuticles, have vastly improved since I started using Crème Abricot. I admit to dipping my hands into hot, soapy dishwater without my Marigolds many times a day, and subjecting my nails to the general wear and tear of housework inside and cold winter temperatures sans gloves outside . This balm has been a wonder!

Dior has a whole line of wonderful manicure products and amazing nail polishes. So next time you’re at the beauty counter take a look. Do something nice for your nails and take home the iconic white pot, just like women have been doing since 1963. You won’t  be disappointed.


Crème Abricot: Sephora; The Bay



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