Has there ever been a chilly season that a LEOPARD COAT has not been in style?

Image via Grazia Daily; From left: Princess Margaret, Elizabeth Taylor and Jackie Kennedy
Image via Grazia Daily; From left: Princess Margaret, Elizabeth Taylor and Jackie Kennedy


I think not.

Giovanna Battaglia
Giovanna Battaglia


Nope, never.

Erin Wasson; Frame Denim spring 2014 campaign
Erin Wasson; Frame Denim spring 2014 campaign


It’s ageless, timeless. A leopard coat is a fashion classic.

Sophia Loren
Sophia Loren


Kate Moss has made the wild pattern part of her signature style.


Kate Moss has been wearing hers solidly since circa 1994.

Vogue, The Return Of The Leopard-Print Coat


I have a few leopard coats that I gleefully pull out every Fall. I’ve worn them for decades, and to this day, I get compliments whenever I wear one of my spotted coats.



I have a collection of vintage fur coats that I love and wear (I live in Canada). I even, inadvertently, acquired an Ocelot jacket.

Jay and I had gone to an auction preview one afternoon a few years ago, and I saw a vintage faux leopard coat that I fell in love with. So, like a great guy, Jay went to the auction in the hopes of getting it for me despite our meagre budget. As it turned out, he was the highest bidder, but it wasn’t until he went to collect the item that he realised that he won not one coat, but a “lot” of 8, including a rare ocelot jacket.


An ocelot is a small cat from the New World. It ranges from the very southern region of Texas all the way to northern Argentina in South America. The ocelot has one of the most beautiful coats of any animal in the world. Its fur is golden over most of its body, with white or cream on the belly; splashed over the background colour are all sorts of patterns! 

~  San Diego Zoo, Animals and Plants

Interestingly, each ocelot has a unique coat pattern and the right and left side patterns and colour are different. Leopardus pardalis is the taxonomic name for ocelots and means like a leopard. Their name derives from the Aztec word tlalocelot, which means field tiger.


It is rare to see an ocelot coat because it became illegal to bring ocelots or their skins into the US and other countries in 1972. It would certainly be the most valuable fur in my collection. And arguably, the most gorgeous.



Throwing a real or faux feline-printed coat over your shoulders is the easiest way to instantly transform your look. It is surprisingly versatile, going from rocker-chic cool, to uptown glam, to elegantly sophisticated as Isabella Rosselini exemplifies:

Isabella Rossellini
Richard Avedon;1985 

So if you don’t have a leopard coat in your wardrobe,

start hunting.

You need one.


Or, ahem, three.

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