Holiday To Do

It’s Christmas Day!

We even got a white Christmas!!! It was what we would call a skiff of snow in Saskatchewan, but it was BC snow nonetheless. I fear it will likely be gone soon  as the sun is now shining. But white dappled evergreens and mountains are a sight to behold.

So, the presents are all unwrapped… Whatcha get???



Santa was very good to me this year—as he always is—bringing luxe skincare,


a bottle of Chablis,


and a BIG BIG cookbook.



He knows me so well. These are my favourite things (other than handbags). Maybe a Lady Dior next year, Santa?

 Silver Blue Metallic Gradient Micro-Cannage
Silver Blue Metallic Gradient Micro-Cannage


Hope you have a peaceful, loving, wonderful, and delicious Christmas.

Here is a great To Do list for the holidays:

Image via Gee Beauty
Image via Gee Beauty


Thanks so much for stopping by my blog in the midst of your celebration.

Now get off the internet, darling.

Go be merry!


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