the more you know the less you need

the more you know the less you need

Holiday Look: Red Lips

Holiday Look: Red Lips

If a sparkly eye is not your beauty game plan for the holidays, a Red Lip is a classic choice.


I’m guessing you have more than a few reds in your stash you can pull out now. From scarlet to bruised berry, there is a red to suit everyone and every attire.

To keep the colour intact, begin with a lip primer, then outline and fill in the lips with a lip pencil, apply lipstick from the bullet, really press it in with your lips, blot, reapply. Don’t forget to add a touch of shimmery highlighter to the cupids bow to make the lips sparkle in the winter light or candlelight.

Keep your lipstick nearby for a touch up if needed. You needn’t make countless trips to the powder room. Since I am hosting the Christmas feast, I shall keep mine in the kitchen—my microwave oven door makes a perfect mirror and you can discretely check your lipstick whilst appearing to be very busy cooking.

Here are a few of my favourite reds:

DIOR 999  One of the best selling reds of all time. Oh so glamorous.



CHARLOTTE TILBURY, Red Carpet Red  Pure Hollywood sophistication. Long lasting, comfortable finish. Matte not dry.



LOVECRAFT BEAUTYMargarette   For a glossier, shinier lip in true red. 



BURT’S BEES, Napa Vineyard   Chubby lip crayon in a vibrant, rich, deep berry red. Creamy opaque matte finish. Stunning red.


When the occasion is Christmas, red is always right.

Which one will you be wearing? Tell me in the comments.

Oh, and since you asked, I will be wearing Dior 999 AND sparkly eyes.

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