the more you know the less you need

the more you know the less you need

Vintage Hermes

Vintage Hermes

Those who thrift, are a bit like those who fish: you never know what you’ll catch—if anything—but coming back empty-handed is not a deterrent from optimistically embarking again—each day is a new day, after all. And, as we both say, You never know.

Like fishers, we have stories.

The big catches,

Image via Penninsula News
Image via Peninsula News

and the ones that got away.

The vintage Hudson Bay blanket that was just out of my reach, and picked up by some wretched woman someone else, still haunts me years later. Yes, I’m still looking. And hoping.

Image via wikipedia; Photo: Danielle Scott
Image via Wikipedia; Photo:Danielle Scott

But recently, I was the lucky one.

In a giant emporium of used stuff, called Value VillageI found a treasure—a vintage Hermes shawl.

My heart flutters just writing it.


It is called Les Voitures Nouvelles (The New Cars), and was designed by Jacques Eudel, and first issued in 1961.


The colourway is contains shades of pink, plum, and raspberry. (2)

The attached care tags states: 50% Wool, 50% Silk; Made in France.

The size is a generous 55″X 55″. Which is lovely for wrapping round .

And, as if this story were not incredible enough, I paid—

I hope you are sitting down—

$ 5.

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