The Humble Muslin

This is a fabulous find.

I got this cloth when I ordered the Eve Lom Cleanser—once described by Vogue as “the best cleanser in the world”—and have subsequently purchased the trio pack several times so I have a goodly supply, and use one daily.

These soft, lightweight, finely woven pieces of 100% cotton fabric offer a much more gentle approach to exfoliation than electronic gadgets, harsh scrubs and masks, or scratchy facecloths.

This easy addition to your skincare regime enhances every cleanser you pair it with, and by removing dead skin cells and increasing blood circulation, it also increases the effectiveness of the serums and creams you apply afterwards.

In otherwords, this simple, old-school, no-tech exfoliating tool is a game-changer. Leaves skin soft, smooth, and radiant. Goodbye tight, flaky, winter skin.

.Eve Lom Muslin Cloth – 3 pack-Sephora


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