The Craft of Makeup

I wear lipstick everyday, no matter what. It brightens my face and my spirit, and a swipe of lip colour looks like you’ve done something even though you really haven’t at all. When I’m in a rush, it’s the only makeup I wear. If I’m just at home, I’ll put it on, too. I feel lacklustre without it. It’s a little bit of magic in a tube—or a crayon, or a pot, or a pen.

These slim and sleek LIP PENS by Lovecraft Beauty are my new lip love. This natural US beauty brand launched earlier this year, and is the creation of veteran fashion industry makeup artist, Francelle Daly.

Image via Into The Gloss
Image via Into The Gloss

This is a new generation of lipstick—the alchemy between luxury beauty products and nature—that is very current right now. There is no longer any compromise or sacrifice between clean, simple ingredients and professional pigments and performance.

The twisty-clicky Lip Pens are hydrating with beneficial ingredients like coconut, grape seed, and castor oils, cocoa butter, and Vitamin E, thus imparting more than just colour—they actually condition the lips. The handcrafted formula applies smoothly and has a pleasant citrus scent—it’s orange oil—that is faint, not overwhelming. The finish is slightly glossy, but not icky-sticky.

The pen has a built-in brush which makes application easy and precise. The brush is wide enough and firm enough to allow precision and control: you can outline your lips and get right to the edges. A couple of clicks applied with long, sweeping brush strokes gives a soft, smudgy wash of colour that looks like a lip stain; a few more clicks lets you build up the colour to a lip gloss; but you can also dial up the intensity and create a statement lip by depositing the colour, blotting, and reapplying to coat the lips like a lipstick. Who doesn’t love a versatile multi-tasker in their makeup bag?

Although I’ve professed my love for matte lipsticks, these Lovecraft Lip Pens have won me over. And, I must admit, a subtle shine on the lips compliments the cream-based makeup so highly recommended for women-of-a-certain-age. I’ve tried Bourbon, a mauve-nude that is the perfect your lips but better shade; Margarette, a true red; and Vallette, a bright bubble gum pink.


There are currently five shades in the collection, and I’m already eyeing up Sazerac, a deep plum hue that pretty much sums up autumn.

Image via Lovecraft Beauty Instagram
Image via Lovecraft Beauty Instagram



Makeup artists are usually behind the scenes. However, more and more are moving into the spotlight with books, blogs, Youtube channels, and even their own makeup lines, It’s inspiring to watch a professional makeup artist at work—when making up others; and when the face is their own.

Violette [Serrat], chic Parisian It-Girl and makeup artist living in New York, has turned the YouTube makeup tutorial into something of a cinematic art. Her video venue is creatively ever-changing—a restaurant, a bar, her bed—and each film is A Look. The tone is that of an intimate chat, and the beauty approach is modern (most products are applied with fingers), and minimal. It’s uncomplicated, doesn’t take forever, and is do-able for those of us who aren’t makeup pros. It’s for real women in real life: done but not over-done. Naturally, it has a French edge of femininity and sexiness as well.

Although she is Global Beauty Director of Estée Lauder, Violette presents a curated collection of exquisite products from a range of brands. Recently her End Of Summer Look featured a beautiful copper eye—so on-trend and particularly fabulous for blue and green-eyed girls—and a lip colour that got me hitting pause to look up. It was Bourbon by Lovecraft Beauty.

Simply stunning!


As well as Lip Pens, LCB also makes a  Micellar Water.


Made up of micelles – tiny oil molecules suspended in soft water that act like magnets to attract, break down and dissolve makeup, dirt and oil on your skin, Micellar Water is super easy to use (apply to a cotton pad and wipe over your face) and effective. But not all formulas are created equal.

Lovecraft Beauty has crafted an alcohol-free version containing naturally-derived, skin-loving ingredients like Aloe, Neroli Water, Cucumber and Chamomile. These gentle, hydrating, and anti-inflammatory ingredients soothe the complexion and are especially good for sensitive or easily irritated skin. It removes makeup (and deletes makeup mistakes) without leaving any oil residue, nor does it require rinsing.

The convenient pump dispenser design prevents accidental spills, and means you don’t waste/over-use product by pouring out too much. The tall, slim bottle with a secure cap makes an ideal travelling companion.

Makeup is an art.

And a craft.

And a love.


LOVECRAFT BEAUTY is available exclusively online: Lip Pens here; Micellar Water here

VIOLETT_FR: YouTube; Instagram

* Thank you to Lovecraft Beauty for these products kindly provided for my unbiased consideration

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  1. Helene
    November 10, 2017

    What beautiful colors! The shade Arbus is calling my name. I definitely must try this brand. I have not heard of them before. Thanks so much for bringing them to our attention. During the colder weather, I wear some type of lip product daily. The good for you ingredients in the Lovecraft lip pens sound hydrating for my drier lips! I may need to order more than one shade!

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