New Wave

I love it when someone rethinks an object or a tool that we all take for granted.

Leave to it hair master Kevin Murphy to reinvent the common curler.

These self-fastening, tangle-free rollers are pure genius.


Without clips, pins, electricity, or inflicting heat damage to the hair, these light-weight curlers create volume, soft waves, or perfect curls.

Cleverly designed with tiny ridges that feed the hair evenly and securely onto the surface, they are held in place with connecting bands that attach to a plastic ball. They don’t snag, hurt, or leave unwanted ridges. In addition, the circular vents improve air circulation for even cooling and a smoother finish.

These are not your grandmother’s curlers.

Think of them as super-models.

Kevin Murphy did.

KEVIN MURPHY CURLERS: Two sizes (M&L); Sets or singles; At select salons;  I purchased mine at Lavish


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