the more you know the less you need

the more you know the less you need

An Air Of Luxury

An Air Of Luxury

Sometimes you just can’t wait for Santa.

Tiffany & Co. recently (September) released an eponymous fragrance that tempted me each time I went to The Beauty Boutique which, I admit, is often. So despite having put it firmly at the top of my Christmas Wish List, and even though the big day is a mere 6 weeks away …

I bought it for myself.

For myself.

In the biggest bottle.

And let me tell you, it’s GORGEOUS.



Fragrances have the ability to influence our mood and our mind, yet is the least understood of the senses. Tiffany Eau de Parfum was created by master perfumer, Daniela Andrier, 53, of the fragrance house Givaudan. It is Tiffany’s first major fragrance in 30 years.

Daniela Andrier
Daniela Andrier Image via Colognoisseur

Mme. Andrier reinterpreted three traditional fragrance notes in haute perfumery for this artisanal scent. The core note, like a radiant jewel, is the noble Iris.

Image via Tiffany
Image via Tiffany; from the Tiffany archives

A  vibrant top note of acerbic vert de mandarine provides a citrusy contrast to the powdery floral, whilst base notes of earthy patchouli/musk add an alluring sensuality.

In essence, Tiffany perfume is feminine yet refined, timeless yet modern.



The stunning and weighty flaçon was inspired by the iconic diamonds of the brand. The elaborately facetted base is a nod to the 128.54-carat Tiffany Diamond, one of the world’s largest rare yellow diamonds discovered in 1878 in South African.

Image via Pinterest
Image via Pinterest

The geometric lines of the upper part of the bottle mimic the cut of the sensational Lucida®  engagement rings Tiffany created in 1999. Even after all these years, I still adore mine. 


Just as you would expect from Tiffany, no luxurious detail was overlooked: the jeweller’s mark is stamped under the bottle cap, and  the juice itself is tinted a pale aqua hue to set off the splendour of the bottle and to correspond to the famous Tiffany Blue Box, a symbol of style and sophistication the world over.



Tiffany’s artistic director, Reed Krakoff, created the advertising campaign. With a Saint Vincent cover of the Beatles’ All You Need Is Love  as the soundtrack, and legendary photographer Steven Meisel behind the camera, the video evokes the Tiffany spirit as represented by four beautiful and diverse modern women—Vittoria Ceretti, Julia Nobis, Achok Majak and Georgina Grenville.


I can’t help but think it’s the type of perfume that Holly Golightly would wear, wafting through the streets of New York in her LBD.

Audrey Hepburn; Breakfast At Tiffany's, 1961
Audrey Hepburn; Breakfast At Tiffany’s, 1961


Alas, the necklace doesn’t come with it.

Image via Tiffany
Image via Tiffany

I think I better write a letter to Santa.

You should, too.


TIFFANY & CO: Website; Fragrance

Also available at: Beauty Boutique; Holt Renfrew; Saks Fifth Avenue

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