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I grew up in the era of the super-model—Linda, Christy, Cindy, Naomi—the world was on a first-name basis—they were everywhere: on the covers of magazines; walking the catwalks; on billboards; on talk-shows; in gossip pages for doing interesting, outrageous things and generally being famous glamazons and not getting out of bed for less than mega-dollars.

Image via Vogue
Image via Vogue

It was a high bar of beauty for a young, impressionable, fashion-loving girl like myself. I went on to start my own fashion magazine in my 20’s, but that’s another story.

Eventually the trends moved on from big hair, wide shoulders, and Spice lipstick. Over time, these iconic faces seemed to fade from our radar (the pre-Instagram era). Then suddenly one would write a book, start a business, get arrested, have a baby, or marry/divorce a movie star/rock star/billionaire, and we glimpsed their familiar faces once again. Like the rest of us, they had grown older.

Christy Turlington was always my favourite super-model, with her combination of classical beauty, grace, and intelligence.

Now 48, she has a very accepting and wise perspective on getting older:

Our face is a map of our life; the more that’s there, the better. 

~ Christy Turlington

Christy Turlington Burns, Harlem New York, Photo: David Sims; Valentino campaign, 2017
Christy Turlington Burns, Photo: David Sims; Valentino campaign, 2017

She and Cindy you-know-who were featured in September Vogue, and they both look super.

Cindy Crawford and ChristyTurlington; Photo: Annie Leibovitz; Us Vogue Sept. 2017
Cindy Crawford and ChristyTurlington; Photo: Annie Leibovitz; Us Vogue Sept. 2017

If only Anna Wintour had seen fit to put them on the 125th anniversary edition cover instead of yet another celebrity.

Now that would have been a keeper.


POST PHOTO: Image via cturlington Instagram; 2002; Photo: Regan Cameron


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