the more you know the less you need

the more you know the less you need

Make My Morning

Make My Morning

How do you turn into a morning person?


You buy a Gaggia espresso machine.

The prospect of a frothy latte and biscotti (recipe) gets me up in the A.M.


I have many methods of making coffee in my kitchen:


coarse grind coffee + boiling water + 4 minutes = full-bodied coffee



medium grind coffee + high heat = thick, rich, robust coffee


medium coarse grind + artful pour over = pure, light-bodied coffee


A thing of beauty, the Chemex is in The Museum of Modern Art



… and they all make a fine brew.

But they aren’t in the same league as the Gaggia.

The Gaggia Classic is a traditional espresso machine. Classic is always my style.


  • Easy to operate: there is a learning curve, but then you’ll be a pro in-home barista
  • Powerful: 17.5 bar pump (most are 15)  and 1425 watt boiler system
  • Heavy-Duty: stainless-steel housing, commercial-grade components: porta-filters and group-head are made of heavy marine-grade brass with chrome plating
  • Top-Notch: makes superb espresso with outstanding crema. Cappucinos to rival, or better, any retail establishment. Save $5 everytime you make one.
  • Flexibility: uses ground coffee and pods
  • Fast: can pull shot after shot. Singles and doubles. Ideal for dinner parties.
  • European Styling: this espresso machine has a traditional, elegant simplicity and simply looks gorgeous sitting on your counter.
  • Quality: Italian Gaggia machines have a history of lasting a long, long time and are easy to repair if something goes wrong. They come with a one-year warranty.


  • Steam-Wand: some don’t like the Pannarello wand, however there is an easy retrofit
  • Tamper: light-weight plastic; I upgraded to stainless steel


  • Pricey: Especially if you are, like me, from Canada and are looking at custom fees plus GST and PST added to the price, and the conversion from USD. Mine came from a Canadian seller; was the best price anywhere (even Ebay); priced in CD dollars, with free shipping, and I snagged a discount demo model (had been used 30 times. Basically, new, but cheaper).


This was not an impulse purchase. I did a lot of research on-line instead of sleeping (I love concealer), and determined that the Gaggia Classic was the best pro-sumer machine, and hands down, the best machine for the money. I have been absolutely delighted with this addition to my kitchen.  Highly, highly recommend.

GAGGIA CLASSIC Ordered online from Consiglio’s here.

STAINLESS STEEL TAMPER: Ordered from Amazon here


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