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A few seasons ago, the Yves Saint Laurent handbag dubbed,The Blogger Bag had a moment.

Image via Pinterest/ShopStyle
Image via Pinterest/ShopStyle

However, a number of purchasers found the monogram crossbody to be less than ideal. Some were shocked and dismayed to discover that their phone didn’t fit inside. A blogger bagNo blogger is ever without her phone.

Many bloggers and vloggers actually use a camera. This means they probably also pack a lens or two, and definitely a charger for their always-out-of-power phone. Once you add this to the essentials you carry with you everyday: wallet, lipstick, keys (at minimum)— and suddenly you’ve got a lot to lug around. But must you sacrifice style for function?

The challenge with carrying the gear you really need, is finding a bag that is both practical and chic. Because let’s face it, most camera bags are unfashionable affairs made of nylon that no well-dressed woman wants to carry.

I am—admittedly—a handbag maven (Whitney #8 arrived yesterday), so when I discovered a camera bag made of leather, with both a strap and a top handle, and designed to look more like a handbag than a camera –bag, I knew I had found the true Blogger’s Bag.


It has a simple, practical elegance: a customizable, padded interior to keep equipment protected; a comfortable strap because it can get heavy if you’ve got it packed; a secure turn-lock closure; and look-good bold gold hardware.


The open pocket on the back means you can access items like a key card without opening the bag.


There is even room for your personal items enabling you to forego a separate handbag if you are pressed for cargo space.


This is not a bag to “baby”. It’s not a Chanel, this is a working bag. It will gain character with every scratch and scrape, and you won’t worry or care.


In fact, it will be a testament to how hard you’re working, if you’re a blogger.

And how much fun you’re having, if you’re not.

ONA: The Palma


Purchased on-line hereAvailable in Black and Cognac.



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